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Box Aircon
Cooling unit for control panel.


1. Using refrigerant R134a which protects OZONE LAYER.
2. Setting temperature can be adjusted by the thermostat in the unit.
3. Export specification. Can be arranged for various voltages. 200 V or 220 V in worldwide service network.

Cooling Cycle Construction


Use parameters of enclosure (The values used are examples.)

(1) Total surface area of enclosure (S)
W 1000 mm x H 2000 mm x d 600 mm
S = 7 m2 (except the bottom)

(2) Estimated total amount of heat produced in the enclosure (P)
P = 500 W

To make the internal temperature setting lower than the maximum ambient temperature.
(1) Maximum ambient temperature (T1)
T1 = 40 °C

(2) Temperature setting inside the enclosure (T2)
T2 = 35 °C

หมายเหตุ : Sheet steel, free standing
- Heat transition coefficient of the enclosure (U)
U = 5 W / (m2.K)
- Difference between (T) the temperature setting inside the enclosure(T1) and maximum ambient temperature (T2)
T = T1 - T2 = 5 °C

The above values are used to obtain the amount of heat transmitted from the outside into the enclosure (P1)
P1 = U x S x T
= 5 x 7 x 5
= 175 W

The minimum cooling output (PT) required for this case
PT = P + P1
= 500 + 175
= 675 W

Select a model whose cooling output in higher than the required cooling output (PT)

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