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Heat exchanger for control panel


1. Cools the air in the enclosure down nearly to the temperature of outside of the control panel. Dust and moisture can not enter into the enclosure from the environment.

2. Wide variety of products are available in size for providing the best solution to every need.
Standard series meets IP-X4 requirements to protect your equipment from oil mist efficintly. (except compact type and E series)
Compact, CE-conformable, Plastic, Termostat controlled and Economical types are available to meet your need.

3. The high performance radiation fin has minimized the size of BOXFAN. Slim models (OC-17XX and 31 XX) are available with thickness of 50 mm.

4. The radiation fin is detachable for easier cleaning. (except for some models)

Principle of operation

1. Heated air is circulated in the enclosure in the direction shown by the arrow (A).
2. The air outside of the control panel is circulated outside of the enclosure in the direction shown by the arrow (B) so that the heat is carried away from the radiation fins to the outside.
3. The above process is continued to cool the inside of the enclosure down to the ambient temperature.

Process of heat exchange

Internal heated air and external cool air are circulated separately as shown along the internal and external surfaces of OHM\'s uniquely designed fins respectively so that the heat can be exchanged efficiently through them.


NC (Numerically Controlled) control panels, robots, measuring instruments, distribution boards, switch boards, etc.

Site of use

BOX FAN can assure stable operations of equipment when used at places as shown below where various kinds of fine particles and dust are suspended in the air.

     Caution : Do not use BOXFAN under direct sunlight or in the rain

Installation Lateral mounting models

Internal mounting types
External mounting types

Note : Openings for mounting unit made on the panel are different in their sizes and locations between the internal mounting models and external mounting models. For correct sizes and locations, refer to installation instructions of applicable model.

Electrical connections Terminal board with cover

Model: OC-12(S), OC-15(S), OC-28(S), OC-17(S), OC-31(S), OC-30(S), OC-37(S), OC-20(S), OC-40(S)

Model: OC-251D(S), OC-252D(S), OC-401D(S), OC-402D(S), OC-20XXES, OC-40XXES, OC-20XXS, OC-40XXS


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